Services We Provide

Our SEO agency provides a range of different services. If you want to get some help in boosting your site’s ranking in the SERPs, we’re your ideal solution. Keep reading on to learn more about our services.


Keyword Research
Keyword Research 75%
Content Optimization
Content Optimization 90%

We offer on-page SEO services such as site design optimization, on-page content creation, URL optimization, and many more. With our services, you will be able to make sure that your website is easy to access and navigate for your visitors. This will also help in raising its overall rank in the SERPs.


Outreach Strategies
Outreach Strategies 80%
Encouraging Branded Searches
Encouraging Branded Searches 90%

We also offer off-page packages  that you can acquire for improving your site’s SERP rank. These services include backlink building, social media marketing, and so on. You can get all of these services all in one place instead of going to different agencies

Improve Your Page Speed
Improve Your Page Speed 80%
Find & Fix Page Issues
Find & Fix Page Issues 95%

Technical SEO is the part of SEO that deals with optimizing the technical aspects of the website to make it easier for the search engines to crawl and the users to access. It involves optimizing loading times, making the site mobile friendly, and so on. We offer all of these technical SEO-related facilty as well


Optimize Digital Content​
Optimize Digital Content​ 80%
Proper Keyword Adjustment
Proper Keyword Adjustment 90%

Content is one of the most important and vital things in SEO. You need quality content for your on-page SEO needs like blogging and site texts, and you need it for off-page SEO, i.e., link-building. We offer excellent content writing services here at Edu-Info.

Why Choose Us?

Client Satisfaction

Our clients in the past have been satisfied with the work that we provide. You can judge the success of our services simply by looking at the reviews and testimonials.

24/7 Customer Support

Once you hire our services, we will be up and available for you 24/7. Anytime you need any help or updates, we will be there to respond to you and fill you in.

Competitive Prices

The good thing about our services is that they are all priced reasonably. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot on our SEO agency. Get in touch with us and we will give you a quote for your required services.